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Heritage register
Heritage advocacy
Advocacy programs
The National Trust has classified thousands
of buildings, trees, landscapes, public art sites, bridges and pipe organs around Victoria.

Read all about heritage protection and policies,
and our advocacy campaigns and programs.

Our programs aim to engage the community in
the conservation of heritage across Victoria,
and cover a broad range of themes including
the Heritage Festival and the Gallipoli Oaks
Trust Advocate blog
Victoria’s Heritage Restoration Fund was
launched in late 2013 and is a partnership
between the City of Melbourne, the Department
of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure
(the Department), and the National Trust of
Australia (Victoria). VHRF offers grants to
restore eligible heritage places and objects.

The Australian Tax Office allows the Trust to
extend this tax-deductibiility to heritage-
related appeals operated by other
organisations, which are known as 'External Appeals'.

Read the latest news on heritage issues
across Victoria.