Fire management at Woolrych Reserve

In 2016 Bushland Management Services commenced a two year project with Northern Beaches City Council to reduce the risk of bushfires within Woolrych Reserve.

Woolrych Reserve is a small pocket of bush located in Davidson on the Northern Beaches, comprising of mainly Sydney Sandstone vegetation community species. Different wildlife are frequently spotted within the site, such as wallabies, who use the dense core shrub layer as protection and habitat.

The main aspect of the project at Woolrych Reserve is Asset Protection Zone (APZ) management with bush regeneration as a secondary component to the overall scope.

We do this by creating and maintaining fuel reduced areas around buildings and other types of ‘assets’. The Bushland Management Services team conduct manual fuel removal within the 10 meter APZ along all property boundary lines.

Some mosaic thinning of native shrubs and cutting up dead trees has occurred. Fine fuel material is collected and piled outside the zone quarterly, with brush cutting occurring near the Woolrych Crescent path, in order to protect people’s homes and belongings.

Occasionally over the contract period, large trees have fallen during storms and heavy winds. Bushland Management Services promptly remove the hazard by cutting up fallen trees and branches and the material is neatly dispersed throughout the site outside of the 10 metre APZ area.

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