Natural area expansion for City of Sydney

In 2019, Bushland Management Services began a project for City of Sydney to enhance the natural surroundings at a popular harbourside park.

Blackwattle Bay Park is a crucial open space for the local community. Important historical relics and structures are dotted around the park, and one of Sydney’s favourite coastal walks, the Glebe Foreshore Walk, runs through it.

Our project goals were:

  • To create a new natural area comprising of native vegetation in an urbanised environment.
  • To increase native habitat for local fauna species.
  • To increase native plant diversity through the infilling of over 2,500 native species.
  • To increase recreational and aesthetical amenities for the public.
  • To provide an example of a constructed natural area for education groups, such as university and schools.

Turf into bush

To turn this previously turfed and compacted area into a native bushland area, we first prepared the site by utilising an excavator to scratch back 20cm of topsoils. The team then utilised motorised augers to prepare for infill planting with 2,500 native species. A range of natives were installed utilising best practice methods to ensure their survival. The focus of the infill planting was to improve structural layering, provide canopy cover and create a vegetative corridor linking the area to surrounding bushland and provide habitat for fauna.

Mulch was then spread into the new area, providing a range of benefits, such as moisture retention and to reduce the volume of weeds being blown or brought in to the new area.

After an initial eight week establishment period, the temporary cyclone fencing was removed from the construction area. In replacement, the crew installed hoop fencing around the new natural area to protect the site from animals and pedestrians.

Despite the tough conditions caused by the 2019/20 drought, 99% of plantings survived and were thriving and we received positive feedback from the local residents. Twelve months on and the planted Acacia have grown to an impressive two metres in height.

After a successful project, the Bushland Management Services team are planning future construction works nearby to continue to establish wildlife corridors in and around Sydney.

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