Installing vegetation buffers for Canterbury-Bankstown City Council

Bushland Management Services is passionate about conserving and protecting our natural areas.

Often our natural areas need protection from the built environment that surrounds it and it is often beneficial to create a ‘buffer’ area between the built and the natural environment to mitigate the negative effects of urbanisation.

By rehabilitating damaged riparian areas with native plantings, we can protect our waterways by improving the water quality and increasing the habitat opportunities for our native animals.

From 2011 to 2021, Bushland Management Services have worked with Canterbury-Bankstown City Council on various projects, including multiple projects installing vegetation buffers.

A project was recently undertaken to stabilise Lucas Creek within Georges River Catchment. The Creek is surrounded by residential housing and is subject to the effects of urbanisation, such as increased nutrient levels and siltation which lead to poor health. To restore the natural area, Bushland Management Services planted 15,000 native plants along the banks of Lucas Creek which will prevent erosion and draw up excess nutrients before it reaches the Georges River.

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