We have a range of policies in place to ensure we achieve desired environmental outcomes for our clients, employ Highly trained and skilled staff and provide a safe working environment for our staff.

Occupational health and safety

The Trust is committed to the Work Health and Safety of all employees by providing a safe and healthy workplace. It has an WH&S Committee and has put in place WHS management system in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act NSW 2000. BMS undertakes WH&S programs to ensure all employees are familiar with WH&S policies and procedures to ensure occupational health and safety and the health and a system of checks.

BMS ensures 2 trained First Aiders within each work team. Each Site Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor hold a current First Aid Certificate. BMS employees are represented on the National Trust’s WH&S committee.

Environmental management system

The Trust has put in place an Environmental Management System (EMS) and all staff and regular sub-contractors are aware of environment management policies and procedures. The EMS is regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure that the system is continually improved.

All trained staff in the bushland management team have a minimum TAFE qualification in Conservation and Land Management or equivalent. All field staff and project coordinators have at least the minimum legally required competency level training for chemical users under the NSW Pesticides Act 1999 (RTC2706A, RTC3704A, RTC3705A).

The Bushland Management Advisory Committee (BMAC) is a Board technical committee that specifically assists and works with BMS.

Quality assurance

The Trust aims to be a choice service provider that provides quality Bushland Management Services (BMS) to all its customers. The Trust is committed to provide a service that not only meets the clients’ requirements but at the same time ensures their satisfaction.

BMS has established lines of accountability and responsibilities regarding quality assurance. All bush regeneration teams have an allocated on site supervisor.

This Quality Management System Statement applies to all staff members who are assigned to land conservation and management projects including bush regeneration, supervision of Bushcare volunteers, community education and consultation mainly within the greater Sydney region stretching from Gosford in the north, to Sutherland in the south as well as lower Blue Mountains.


All field staff have a minimum of TAFE Certificate 2 level training in Conservation and Land Management or equivalent and a minimum of AFQ2 level training in chemical use as per Competencies required under the NSW Pesticides Act. All Supervisors and Assistants have current First Aid and AFQ3 level chemical users training.

New recruits to the industry serve a competency based traineeship period which includes a series of appraisals by Supervisors. During this time they are expose to the full range of methods across a variety of sites and ecological communities.

The National Trust provides for retraining of its employees in regard to first aid and use of chemicals. General OHS induction (White Card) training is provided to field staff when required. The BMS representative on the Trust’s WH&S committee receives WH&S Consultation training.


The Trust is a member of the NSW Treasury Managed Fund, a state government insurance pool, and is fully insured for Public Liability (up to $20 million), Professional Indemnity, Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle and other miscellaneous liabilities. BMS provides copies of Certificates of Currency to our clients annually.