Vale Dawn Hazelton

In memory of Dawn Hazelton and her 40 years of service to the National Trust (NSW).

Dawn was an energetic and engaging volunteer with the National Trust for approximately 40 years. She championed country NSW, encouraged participation in the National Trust’s activities and brought a wealth of lived experience to her work with the Central West Branch. A people person, Dawn was custodian of inter-generational knowledge about her local community while her generous nature put guests and newcomers at ease.

Dawn Hazelton.


Dawn’s interest in building and garden restoration can be traced back to the early 1950s when she and her husband Kerry recognised the potential of the dilapidated bluestone Police Station and Court House in Toogong. With very little on the market and a general disinterest in the broader community, Dawn tenaciously scoured the countryside for finishes, fittings and furnishings to restore the property. Ultimately her diligence resulted in a home filled with Australian heritage and shining with creativity.


Dawn fostered a committed following for the Women’s Committee open house country weekends by organising the Cudal coach, driver and someone for every seat to participate in the weekends. The initial bus group expanded to include additional carloads and Dawn organised everyone to meet for picnic lunch. The congeniality of the gatherings was helped along by Dawn’s unrivalled salad dressing and hearty bakers meal scones, topped with homemade fig jam or honey. Unsurprisingly, there would be hushed murmurs of “Get ahead of the coach.” Yet Dawn’s buses negotiated narrow entry roads, cattle grids and creek beds to bring paying members and their friends to properties, resulting in new memberships, friendships and widespread goodwill toward the National Trust and its work.


Her voluntary service for the National Trust was recognised in 2002, when she was thrilled to receive a Commendation Award. Dawn’s family supported her efforts and remain active members of the National Trust.