NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards 2019

The National Trust (NSW) is proud to have recently nominated 37 teams and 40 individuals for this year’s NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards. People giving their time and talent to the National Trust (NSW) is highly appreciated, and is valuable to this not-for-profit, community organisation that relies on the generosity and support of our 2,000 volunteers state-wide.

Two volunteering teams and eight individual volunteers from the nomination made by the National Trust (NSW) were selected for judging to receive a certificate of acknowledgement.


Friends of Grossman House Catering Team

The Friends of Grossman House Catering Team is led by Gail Johnston and comprises of 10 – 13 regular members. They have generated thousands of dollars for the Trust’s Brough and Grossman Houses by catering special events over the years, which has consistently received widespread admiration for both the service and quality of refreshments provided. The materials for the food have often been generously donated by the catering team themselves, and the team prepare and serve the food with a smile and welcoming demeanour. Without the Catering Team the Friends of Grossman House feel they would have a lot less to offer the community and the National Trust (NSW).


Woodford Academy Management Committee and Volunteers

The Woodford Academy Management Committee and Volunteers have contributed an enormous amount work across multiple projects in 2019. Notably, the Heat Treatment Pest Management Programme generated a $5k grant to be obtained through NSW Government Volunteer Museum Project Developments Grant Programme, and $16k that was secured through Office of Environment and Heritage ‘Caring for State Heritage’ Grant. Another significant achievement includes the launch of Ettie’s Diary, a transcription of a small exercise book diary from the Academy’s collection, written by Henrietta McManamey – wife of the headmaster of the Academy, John McManamey. This brought to life a personal account of pre-war Australian society in the Blue Mountains, and was shortlisted at the 2019 National Trust Awards.



David Burdon – Heritage and Conservation

Nominated by Graham Quint, Director Conservation – David has been a member of the Built Heritage Conservation Committee for more than 8 years, its chair since February 2014, and is also the chair of the National Trust Heritage Awards judging panel. David has been nominated for his commitment to excellence in heritage conservation work by exhibiting his extraordinary organisational skills, and his dedication to the National Trust (NSW).


Elizabeth Burgess – Woodford Academy Management Committee Chair

Elizabeth has played a vital advocacy role which resulted in Blue Mountains City Council successfully applying for $75k in grand funding for ‘Heritage interpretation & supporting infrastructure’ for the Woodford Reserve. This grant is currently being executed and will see improvements being made throughout the Reserve to better activate the rich history of the Academy’s former grounds.


Rosa Deane – S.H. Ervin Gallery

Rosa joined the S.H Ervin Gallery in 2000, aged 70. Now nearly 20 years on, Rosa’s contribution to the National Trust (NSW) is incredible. Rosa has been unfailingly reliable in all aspects of her volunteering, from taking admission fees and selling merchandise, to covering notoriously difficult shifts to fill due to limited staffing availability – she is a stand out amongst the National Trust’s (NSW) very strong and long serving team of 110 volunteers.


Dawn Giles – Riversdale Homestead

Over the last eight years, Dawn has worked hard to transform the operations of Riversdale Homestead into an iconic award-winning Goulburn destination. Under Dawn’s stewardship, the property has thrived because of her tenacious advocacy for its history and collections, and her ability to generate much needed funding from the local council and grant organisations. She is recognised and appreciated for her wonderful service, warmth and friendship she provides to many.


George Gibbons – Cemeteries Committee

George was recently awarded The Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2019 Heritage Awards ceremony, celebrating more than 32 years of service/membership to the National Trust Australia (NSW). This incredible achievement is underpinned by his commitment to cemetery monuments, his appreciation of geological materials in cemeteries, and his work in preserving and conserving cemeteries. He is an incredibly valued member of the National Trust (NSW).


Ros Loftus – Riversdale Homestead

Over the last seven years, Ros has been an inspirational gardening trailblazer, who has transformed the garden at Riversdale Homestead into the inviting, interesting and tranquil oasis that it is today. Her work has won many awards in local garden competitions and has been the first stop for Open Gardens Australia when visiting Goulburn. The National Trust (NSW) is indebted to Ros for her wonderful dedication to the Homestead.


Colleen Morris – Landscape committee

Colleen is a landscape heritage consultant with extensive experience in the assessment of cultural landscapes and their management and has been volunteering her expertise with the National Trust for many years. Colleen was also the national chair of the Australian Garden History Society from 2003 to 2009. With books and professional and academic publications cited throughout Australia and around the world, her contribution to conservation and understanding of natural landscapes has been widely recognised.


Janine Nunes Santos – National Trust Centre

Janine is a new volunteer to join the National Trust Centre membership team. Whilst she has only been volunteering for three months, during this short time she has assisted the Membership Manager in coordinating 12,000 members and donors. She is the first volunteer to work within the National Trust (NSW) membership database, and her background in market research is greatly valued by the team at the National Trust (NSW).


The National Trust (NSW) recognises the fantastic efforts of Centre for Volunteering and the Awards for recognising the celebrating the two million-plus volunteers in New South Wales and the importance of volunteering to the community. The National Trust (NSW) always has its doors open to new teams or individual volunteers. If you or someone you know is interested, please see the link below.