Sir Henry Parkes Memorial School of Arts

On 31 July 2023 the Sir Henry Park Memorial School of Arts museum and cinema/theatre closed.

The closure decision was made by the Tenterfield Shire Council as a result of the difficult economic environment and the Council’s financial position. The Sir Henry Park Memorial School of Arts library and café remain open to the public.

The National Trust owns the building and leases it to the Tenterfield Shire Council through a peppercorn agreement. Under the agreement Council maintain operations and care of the collection and building.

The National Trust is understanding of the Tenterfield Shire Council’s financial challenges and is working with Council to find a viable solution that benefits the community and visitors now and into the future.

The National Trust is a charity, with the financial challenge of caring for over 30 significant places with no recurrent government funding. The National Trust resources are currently at capacity. The National Trust (NSW) Board determined that support to operate the museum is not feasible given the logistics, legal requirements, and limited resource capacity of the National Trust.

However, the National Trust has contacted the relevant state and federal ministers regarding the Sir

Henry Park Memorial School of Arts to pursue discussions for government support for this important place.

The National Trust and Council continue to work together to find a sustainable solution.

See here for further detail.