Launch of volunteering campaign for National Trust (NSW)

The National Trust (NSW) is calling for people dedicated to the conservation of heritage and the natural environment to join the organisation as volunteers.

The launch of the recruitment campaign follows the recent appointment of Melissa Green to the position of Volunteer Coordinator and will kick off during National Volunteering Week (20 -26 May, 2019) at the Goulburn Mulwarree Volunteer Expo.

The state-wide campaign to recruit volunteers across the organisation will begin with a focus on Riversdale Homestead, Goulburn. This beautiful property is a fine example of a Colonial Georgian home set amongst splendid gardens and its original paddocks. To ensure the property is maintained as a key tourist attraction in the Goulburn community, the National Trust (NSW) relies on volunteers with a diverse range of skills.

“The National Trust (NSW) recognises that volunteers are at the heart of conserving our natural landscapes and advocating for the protection of natural, cultural and built heritage throughout New South Wales,” says Melissa Green, the National Trust (NSW)’s Volunteer Coordinator.

“TheGoulburn Mulwarree Volunteer Expo is the perfect opportunity to meet potential volunteers from all walks of life and talk about the many fabulous roles and opportunities available at Riversdale.”

Melissa said the National Trust is a terrific organisation for volunteers with opportunities for everything from gardening to guiding visitors through historic places, exhibitions and organising events.

”Everyone is welcome as long as you have a keen heart, a willing mind and share our dedication to conserving, inspiring the community and advocating for the protection of natural, cultural and built heritage.”

Want to find out more?

Meet Melissa Green, the National Trust (NSW) Volunteer Coordinator at the Volunteer Expo and talk to her about how you can be a part of the National Trust (NSW). Contact Melissa at (02) 9258 01808 or email: for more information.

Can you think of a more beautiful place to volunteer? Join the National Trust (NSW) volunteering team at Riversdale in Goulburn.