Have your say: heritage survey

The NSW Government is asking for your help to shape NSW's first Heritage Strategy. Join us in raising a voice for heritage and fill out the public survey by 31 March 2024.

In 2024 the NSW Government will release NSW’s first Heritage Strategy. This will be a crucial step in protecting the historic places, objects and stories that make our State so unique.

To help guide the Heritage Strategy, the NSW Government is calling on communities to fill out a simple survey that takes around 10 minutes to complete. This is a rare chance for everyone to share their views on the importance of heritage, and set a new direction for protecting these places for future generations.

Fill out the survey now.

Putting heritage in the spotlight

The Strategy comes at a critical time for heritage. Climate change and development are just some of the pressures threatening NSW’s heritage, which includes tens of thousands of years of Aboriginal culture and landscapes, natural heritage, historic buildings, gardens, archaeological sites, and intangible stories – histories that can’t be replaced once lost.

The National Trust (NSW) has been advocating for better protections of NSW’s natural, built and cultural heritage, and the Government’s commitment to preparing a Heritage Strategy is encouraging.

The National Trust will be making a detailed submission in the lead up to the Heritage Strategy, and we encourage all members and supporters to fill out the survey before 31 March 2024.

Without your input, the NSW Government may not hear all the stories from across the State – particularly regional areas that are rich with heritage and need support for ongoing protection.

Help raise a voice for heritage and fill out the survey here.


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