The National Trust calls on the Community to Have Your Say: Australian Heritage Strategy

The Australian Government is reviewing the Australian Heritage Strategy. The Government is asking for community feedback via a short survey, which closes on 31 March 2021.  The National Trust is asking calling on its members and supporters to have their say on the future of Australia's heritage.

The first Australian Heritage Strategy was published in 2015 and this is the midpoint review of its 10-year approach to: identifying, protecting and conserving Australia’s unique heritage, and; presenting and communicating related stories. The Government is now conducting its midpoint review and the community survey is a key part of this process.

What is the National Trust doing?

The National Trust (NSW) will be completing the survey and we are also calling on our members and supporters to do the same and have your say on the future of our heritage.

“If members, likeminded organisations, community groups and individuals with a love of Australian heritage want to support the position of the National Trust, we have provided a cheat sheet you can follow,” said David Burdon, Director, Conservation at the National Trust (NSW). “The aim of this is to assist people to be part of collective action in support of the National Trust’s position and play a key role in shaping Australia’s current and future heritage policy.”

What can the community do about the Australian Heritage Strategy?

The community can take the survey and have their say on the future of Australian heritage policy.

The Australian Government is inviting the community to have their say on the following:

  • The strategy’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • How the strategy might be improved for the next five years.
  • Whether the strategy appropriately reflects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage.
  • Whether the strategy adequately reflects heritage’s key threats, developments and challenges.
  • How the strategy might reflect the involvement of communities in protecting and managing our heritage.

Do you have questions?

Contact the National Trust’s conservation department:

Advocacy Manager, Jane Alexander