2016 NSW Heritage Awards Winners

The 22nd Annual National Trust Heritage Awards took place on Friday 6 May 2016 at the Heritage listed, Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont. Quentin Dempster was the Master of Ceremonies. This prestigious event which is highly regarded in the Industry with the Minister of Environment and Heritage, Hon. Mark Speakman the keynote speaker. The event is the highlight of the National Trust Heritage Festival and was attended by 400 guests including heritage celebrities such as Jack Mundey.

Minister 2


The Minister’s Keynote Address 

Today we’ll celebrate the dedicated industry professionals who make it happen – who preserve our heritage for communities across NSW.”

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2016 Lifetime Achievement Winner

Reece McDougall

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2016 Cathy Donnelly Memorial Award Winner

Jean Rice

Dave McBeathBW

2016 Trade/ Skills Award Winner

 David McBeath


THE PANEL’S SPECIAL AWARD – for promoting and understanding respect.

This award has been created because the judges found themselves confronted with a book that defied comparison with other entries in the ‘heritage’ publication category. It is a deeply personal yet universal story told in the ‘story-telling’ tradition that makes the reader question the realities of the ‘Australian Dream’. It examines the politics of being ‘black in white Australia’, the conscious and unconscious racism that exists and the ‘infernal paradox of a simultaneous invasion and settlement’.


Talking to My Country

Stan Grant

Described by Stan Grant as ‘part memoir, part meditation on race, culture, national identity – and what it means to be an Indigenous man in Australia today’ Talking to My Country is honest, passionate, heartfelt, thought provoking and necessarily difficult. It is a must read for everyone, particularly for all those who think of themselves as Australian.



Two awards have been given in this category; one to a large Sydney commercial building and the other to a small residential reuse in rural NSW.

AWARDS Adaptive Reuse

5 Martin Place

Owners: DEXUS Property Group and Cbus Property
Architects in Collaboration: Johnson Pilton Walker and Tanner Kibble Denton Architects
Contractor: Grocon

Commensurate with the importance of Martin Place as a great civic place this project retains the building’s role as a significant commercial building within Martin Place and adapts it to create top quality office accommodation.


Former Gundagai Literary Institute

John Carr Heritage Design

Described as a ‘family project’ this is an excellent example of reuse of a dilapidated former Literary Institute as a three bedroom residence using the principle of reversibility, local skills and thorough research.


 Royal National Park weemalah-cottage-08BW

Royal National Park Accommodation

NSW NPWS – Office of Environment & Heritage 



AWARDS Advocacy Campaigns Community/ Individuals

Strickland House

Woollahra History and Heritage Society Inc.
The late June Poland and Peter Poland, Members and Friends

Praise must go to the passion and dedication of a team of people and particularly to Peter, and his late wife June, Poland for 27 years of action to ensure that the Strickland House estate continues to be enjoyed by the public.


Uiver Memorial DC-2 Restoration Project

Uiver Memorial Community Trust

What a campaign! This is one that captured the imagination when in 2013 this DC2 was offered for disposal by Albury City. The lobby group that was formed canvassed support far and wide and formed a community trust which raised enough money to purchase the plane and ensure its retention and restoration.



AWARD Built Heritage

155 Clarence St

Design 5 Architects, Bates Smart, David Young

An iconic SHR listed Moderne building well known as the Blood Bank has been given a new lease on life with the stripping of accretions, careful repair of spalling brickwork and the reconstruction of its distinctive clock. Additional office space can not be read from the street allowing the original clarity of the Kent St façade to be appreciated. A valuable contribution to Sydney’s streetscapes.


Restoration of Platform 2/3 Building at Thirroul Railway Station

Sydney Trains, Orwell & Peter Phillips, A J Bristow and Sons

Sydney Trains is to be congratulated for its decision to save rather than demolish this important station building. It is truly a Phoenix from the ashes, thoughtfully researched and conserved and augers well for the future of our railway buildings. Well done by all who were involved.



Land Titles Office

Government Architect’s Office, NSW Public Works, Heritage Services, NSW Public Works, Shreeji Consultants, D.R.P. Stonemasonry, Stone Mason and Artist, Sydney Heritage Stonemasons, Heritage Lead and Copper, Michael Nicholson Photography, Douglas Frost Photography

 Quirindi Railway Station Photos before & after Jan 16 plus works

Conservation of Former Quirindi Railway Station

Extent Heritage Pty Ltd, Long Blackledge Architects, Acron Building Services, Sydney Trains 

 Glebe war memorial 3BW

Glebe War Memorial

City of Sydney in association with International Conservation Services, Traditional Restoration Company, Crawford’s Casting


Mulwala Homestead Precinct – Conservation works

GML Heritage Pty Ltd, Robert A Moore Pty Ltd Architects, Sydney Restoration Company, Hyder Consulting and RPS





This category has been split into two – The first is for Interiors and the Second for Objects.


AWARD Conservation – Interiors
 all-service1BW sml

The Shore Chapel Heritage Lighting

Tanner Kibble Denton Architects and Steensen Varming

This project has created a seductive and welcoming atmosphere into a once dim interior. The interior is revealed with up to date lighting technology which enhances the architecture and can be used and enjoyed with an innovative audio system. It was a technical challenge that now reveals the inherent beauty and spirituality of the interior.


HIGHLY COMMENDED Conservation – Interiors

Paragon Stage Restoration

The Friends of The Paragon Inc



AWARD Conservation – Objects
 Cockatoo IslandBW

Cockatoo Island – Restoration of Fitzroy Dock Cranes

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust Volunteers, Sydney Harbour Federation Trust, David McBeath, David Matthews

This project was primarily the conservation of 4 historic cranes at Fitzroy Dock on Cockatoo Island with the two steam cranes now working. The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust and the dedicated team of volunteers is to be congratulated for saving such an important part of our industrial heritage and the entire industrial landscape of Fitzroy Dock.


Arnott’s Biscuit Van Reconstruction

Volunteer Collections team Transport Heritage NSW.

This is another project that owes everything to enthusiastic and expert volunteers; taking a derelict item and allowing it to tell its own story once again. We encourage you to visit it at Trainworks in Thirlmere – you can almost smell the biscuits!



AWARD Landscape Conservation




Macquarie Culvert Parramatta Park

Government Architect’s Office, NSW Public Works, Heritage Services NSW Public Works,
Shreeji Consultants , Casey and Lowe Archaeologists, Stone Mason and Artist, Parramatta Park Trust

This is a wonderful project putting together surviving remnants with some new ones to recreate a hidden feature from the Macquarie era of the World Heritage listed Parramatta Park – a sandstone culvert. A great example of a relatively small project with substantial challenges that brought together many disciplines to ensure its success.




Heritage Rose Garden Saumarez Homestead

Australian Garden History Society- Northern NSW Sub Branch, National Trust and the heritage rose collection of Miss Catherine MacLean

This project is not really a traditional conservation project. It doesn’t conserve or recreate a garden it is a project that preserves a living collection of historic or ‘heritage’ roses. It is the work of dedicated and tireless volunteers and managed by the Northern NSW sub-branch of the Garden History Society.


HIGHLY COMMENDED Landscape Conservation

The Goods Line Heritage Interpretation, Ultimo, Sydney

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, ASPECT Studios & CHOFRI, Godden Mackay Logan, Deuce Design and Gartner Rose



Two awards were given in this category – 1 for Education and the other for Interpretation

AWARDS Education &  Interpretation



the week before 2BW

The Rocks Quest

International Grammar School SAGE Program, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

This is an interesting and inspiring example of what an educator can accomplish. It is the creation of an individual school and involves a full week of immersement into the Rocks precinct of Sydney for Year 8 students as part of the International Grammar Schools Student Choice, Authentic Learning Experiences, Global relevance and Exhibitions and celebrations of learning, or SAGE program. Hopefully this will be repeated and emulated.


Sydney Opera House Welcome Precinct

Freeman Ryan Design, Sydney Opera House, Patterson Building Group, Root Projects, Fino, Latchkey Productions and Blowup Imaging

An absolutely fantastic, primarily visual, interpretation of the Opera House and its precinct in all its aspects which does justice to its status as a World Heritage Site. The judges noted that it was easily and quickly understood allowing both a quick pass by and a more detailed examination for those who wish to linger. It truly says Welcome.


HIGHLY COMMENDED Education & Interpretation

Every Story Counts Recording Migration Heritage: A Wollongong Case Study

Migration Heritage Project Inc.

This book is for all Australians to encourage them to record their experiences and local knowledge of post-Second World War migration and settlement.  It is also for clubs, historical societies and museums, and for all people researching and caring for heritage places, to research, record and collect migration heritage.  The book is presented in themes to assist to interpret the relevance and significance of the information.  This research was undertaken by the Migration Heritage Project.” – Migration Heritage Project

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This category has been split into sub-categories – Community Engagement, Exhibitions and Events and three awards given.

AWARDS Events & Exhibitions



Convict Footprints at the Farm

The Hills Shire Council and Convict Footprints Productions

This theatrical performance builds on the award winning experiences of Convict Footprints on the Old North Road. It is the manifestation of the experiences of convicts at Bella Vista Farm in Sydney’s North-west allowing this important place, now surrounded by modern subdivisions to be understood.

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 Imagine a CityBW

Imagine a City: 200 Years of Public Architecture in NSW

State Library of NSW, NSW Government Architect’s Office, Charles Pickett, Peter Poulet,
Jennifer Blunden, creative producer Matthew Devine, GAO liaison and research
Charles Pickett, exhibition curator

This exhibition celebrates the contribution of the Government Architects of NSW. It is well researched, beautifully presented and poignant as it is perhaps something of an obituary. The exhibition book is also a ‘must have’. Sadly the role of Government Architect is changing as our attitude and commitment to ‘public architecture’ wanes.


 Sydney Transport Heritage Expo 2BW

Sydney Transport Heritage Expo 2015

Transport Heritage NSW

A fabulous 3 day event at Central Station showcasing our transport history and heritage. Fun, informative and well attended – long may it continue.


HIGHLY COMMENDED Events & Exhibitions

Woronora Military Memorial

Woronora Memorial Park, Administered by Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust in NSW



Two awards and 3 commendations have been given in this category.

AWARDS Publications

Visionaries in Suburbia: Griffin Houses in the Sydney Landscape

Anne Watson and Adrienne Kabos, Walter Burley Griffin Society Incorporated

This is a beautifully presented book about 22 Sydney houses designed by the Griffins (Marion Mahoney and Walter Burley) in the ‘20s and ‘30s with significant research of some of the lesser known Griffin houses. This book makes a substantial contribution to understanding the legacy of this amazing couple and is a visual feast.


The Yard

Government Architects Office, NSW Public Works, Douglas Frost Photography, Margaret Betteridge, Musecape

This is a photographic record of the NSW Government stoneyard established as part of the Minister’s Stonework Program to NSW’s stone assets. It of course records the spaces and equipment but most importantly it records the people. It is simply gorgeous and at the same time an important historical record of this ground-breaking and forward thinking program.



Engineering Heritage Australia Journal/ Magazine

Margret Doring, Engineers Australia


To Climb the Hill:

A People’s History of Newcastle East Public School 1816-2016

John Beach and the NEPS Bicentenary Committee


 Eat your History Colour

Eat Your History: Stories and Recipes from Australian Kitchens

Jacqui Newling, Sydney Living Museums and NewSouth Publishing



This category has been split into separate ones of ‘Tours’ and ‘Multimedia’ because of the quality and breadth of the entries.



Japanese Mini Submarine Tour

Office of Environment and Heritage, National Parks and Wildlife Service

While this is not a tour IN a mini-sub it is a ferry cruise which follows the path of the 3 Japanese mini submarines that entered Sydney Harbour in 1942 during WWII. It is a fascinating journey which teaches us about this aspect of our past often referred to as “Sydney’s Forgotten History’.


 Ryde Heritage Walking Trail

Ryde Walking Trail

City of Ryde Council, Ryde Heritage Advisory Committee


South Solitary Island Helicopter Tours

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and Precision Helicopters

 puckey photo by Greg TotmanBW

Ghost of Courtney Puckey

Wollongong City Council





We have two winners in this category – similar projects with substantial differences.

AWARDS Multimedia
 At Home in North SydneyBW

At Home in North Sydney: An Architectural History of a Locality

North Sydney Council, Jenssen Design Associates, BrownsLane Productions and SiteSuite Web Design

This website was created as part of a response to the popular local walking tours that North Sydney Council run. It features information about buildings and people and explores the impact of transport and the introduction of flats with information about the extant as well as the demolished. It is easy to use and totally absorbing.



Recorded for the Future: Documenting NSW Homes

Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection, Sydney Living Museums

This website from Sydney Living Museums is an invaluable resource gathering together over 25 years of photographs and histories of 43 private homes across NSW from the celebrated to the humble.




 Lost Collective

Brett Patman

“The turbine hall in all it’s glory. This is the big building you can see on Victoria Road. You can just see the only remaining turbine all alone at the back of the hall. Sad lonely turbine.”




AWARDS Research and Investigation/ Analysis

The Elizabeth Bay House ‘Lost’ Library Project

Sydney Living Museums

This project revolves around the 1845 ‘fire sale’ of the Colonial Secretary and naturalist Alexander Macleay when almost 4000 of his books were sold and dispersed. The project researches this and discovers where these volumes (and books by other members of the Macleay family) have gone with 43 returning to the shelves of Elizabeth Bay House after 171 years away at the NSW Parliamentary library along with a further 250 volumes owned by Macleay’s nephew. Truly a remarkable and important achievement.


HIGHLY COMMENDED Research and Investigation/ Analysis
 Saving the socks sydney Opera House 4

Conserving the Socks:

Diagnosing and treating deterioration of the Sydney Opera House roof pedestals

Anna McLaurin and Dr. Cameron Logan – The University of Sydney

 Sydney industrial history

Recognising Sydney’s Industrial Heritage:

City of Sydney Industrial and Warehouse Buildings Heritage Study and Planning Proposal

City of Sydney (Claudine Loffi & team), City Plan Heritage (Kerime Danis & team) and Dr Shirley Fitzgerald, thematic history




The Judging Panel’s Speech

No project happens in a vacuum and each is the result of the work of many people and
influences from zealous advocates, guiding legislation, enthusiastic owners, skilled
tradespeople and expert volunteers.” Jacqui Goddard (Chair of the Judging Panel)

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