‘Present and Past Family Life’ and ‘The Past in the Present’ – Miss Traill’s House, Bathurst

Bring history to life for students at Miss Traill's House in Bathurst. Tour the house, enjoy a handwriting lesson from the past, and take part in old-fashioned games.

Stage 1 HSIE

Miss Traill’s House was built by the Reverend Thomas Sharpe in 1845 and is one of the oldest houses in Bathurst. Ida Traill and her mother Gertrude came to live in this house in 1932.

Ida Traill was strongly connected to two of the first settlers of Bathurst: convict Thomas Kite and the son of a convict, William Lee, who were her great grandfathers. Over the years her home became filled with her family’s treasures that reflect Bathurst’s pastoral heritage.

A visit to Miss Traill’s House and Garden in Bathurst is the perfect excursion for your students to interact in a meaningful way with authentic source material and discover how family life has changed over the past 100 years. Your students will also investigate local history and consider why it should be preserved.

We provide interesting hands-on, guided tours to small groups of children led by retired and current K-6 teachers. Students are encouraged to identify and describe changes that have occurred over time using appropriate historical terms. They can investigate family structure and roles, leisure activities, song, dance, communication devices, transport, toys, shopping, cooking, clothing, daily life, celebrations, sporting activities, heating, furniture and lighting.
The children are given opportunities to sequence items in chronological order, pose questions about the past and use the resources at Miss Traill’s House to record and clarify their knowledge through discussion, description, writing and drawing.

Open February to June and September to December on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Allow 3 hours – 3.5 hours for your visit.

Cost $10 per student. Teachers free. Eat recess and lunch in our lovely garden.


Comments by Stage 1 teachers

Very educational. Fitted in perfectly with our unit “The Past in the Present.”

An outstanding resource. St Philomena’s School, Bathurst

A range of engaging, hands-on, fun and meaningful experiences were provided for the students. Many thanks for a fabulous day. Perthville School

The Education Guides were friendly and engaging. Carcoar Public School

Loved the handwriting lesson. West Bathurst Public School

The excursion was good value for money. All Saints College.


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‘Present and Past Family Life’ and ‘The Past in the Present’ – Miss Traill’s House, Bathurst


321 Russell Street, Bathurst NSW 2795

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