Saumarez Homestead Virtual Exhibitions

In our virtual exhibitions we have selected special items from our collection according to special themes. When you view these exhibitions you can view all the related objects in our collection in an easy to navigate presentation. If you want to explore our collection more widely then you should go to the Saumarez Homestead Online Collections Database behind the Related Collections button on the home page.

DSCN1423Ellis Rowan China Collection at Saumarez Homestead: Ellis Rowan China Collection Virtual Exhibit

IMG_6098Saumarez and World War One: Saumarez and World War One

IMG_7913Belleek China Collection: Belleek China held at Saumarez Homestead

sc0020512bF.J. White’s Office: These objects reflect the personality of F.J. White: F.J. White’s Office Virtual Exhibitions


31254-31 Coffee Mill Metal in situ IMG_7335¬†Cook’s Store: Cook’s Storeroom and Pantry was originally a staff bedroom from 1888 to 1906 Cook’s Store