The National Trust of Australia (NSW) is governed by a Board comprised of 12 elected members and the Trust’s Chief Executive Officer. The Board elects its President, Deputy President and Treasurer.

Board Members give their time and diverse expertise to ensure that the functions of the Trust are performed efficiently with maximum benefit to members and to maintain the independence and integrity of the Trust, always striving to manage our affairs efficiently and transparently.

Underpinning our governance arrangements is an Act of the New South Wales Parliament, The National Trust of Australia (NSW) Act, 1990; and the duties and responsibilities that come as an organisation registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (“ACNC”).

All Board Members of The National Trust of Australia (NSW) are expected to know and understand their legal duties and to carry out those duties enabling the Trust to fulfil its charitable purpose and protect its resources against misuse.  Board Members are required to be careful and conscientious in the performance of their roles and to endeavour to act with common sense and integrity.

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