Burra Mine Site Grassland

The Burra Mine Site Grassland protects native grassland habitat as well as our mining heritage.

The hills conserve native grassland habitat which is a nationally significant record of the original vegetation of the mid-north. More than 120 species of native plants, 37 of which are listed as rare or endangered, are protected here. 

The best time to visit is in late spring or early summer when the wildflowers and native grasses are most likely to be flowering. It is usually cooler on an early morning or late afternoon walk and this is a good time of day to see birds and other wildlife.

The Burra Mine Site has several buildings and other structures from the Site’s time as a working copper mine – the Monster Mine. These include Peacocks Chimney Stack and Morphett’s Engine House. A guide is available when the Engine House is open, but visitors can wander the other ruins.The 1847 Powder Magazine building Is one of the oldest remaining mine buildings in Australia.

*Part of the Burra Passport obtained from the Burra Visitor Centre. The Burra Heritage Passport gives access to a number of locations on the Johnny Green’s Trail. The cost of the Burra Heritage Passport for National Trust members is $20.00

For more information please download the Burra Mine Site Grassland walk brochure

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Location Details

Burra Mine Site Grassland


Access is via the main entrance off Market Street
Burra 5417 SA


Open Daily

(08) 8892 2154
Entry Fees:

Admission as part of the Burra Passport which is available from the Burra Visitors Centre

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