The National Trust of South Australia is grateful for the support of our Patron-in-Chief Her Excellency The Honourable Frances Adamson AC Governor of South Australia.

“The lives of present and future South Australians will be enriched by the conservation and promotion of our natural and cultural heritage”

Established under an Act of Parliament in South Australia in 1955, the National Trust is not a Government body; it relies solely on donations, grants, membership fees, entry fees and sponsorship for its very survival and gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the local community for both funding and volunteering.

The National Trust of South Australia actively conserves, manages and promotes South Australia’s indigenous, natural, built, historic heritage and culture, and does so as a community-based, not-for-profit, non-government organisation.

NTSA’S core responsibility is the preservation, management, maintenance and promotion of historic sites, natural reserves, museums, folk history, collections, icons and heritage. Our Aim is to raise awareness in the broader community and to encourage current and future generations to explore their past, immerse themselves in the present and imagine their future heritage.

The National Trust in South Australia has active programs in three main areas:

  • Managing heritage buildings and nature reserves including over sixty museums and folk history collections.
  • Devising and disseminating policies on a range of heritage issues and lobbying for improved protection of our heritage.
  • Providing awareness raising programs in the broader community on cultural and natural heritage matters.

The South Australian community enjoys and values its culture and heritage and the National Trust honours the fundamental conservation and promotion of all of these historic, natural, built and cultural, sites and objects, those that actually created our unique and genuine Australian character.


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