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Since 2013, the Trust has offered civic-minded people to join our Governor as Patrons.

His Excellency
The Honourable Hieu Van Le AC
Governor of South Australia


Patrons 2016

Sir George Kingston Patron
$5,000 and above
Mr Philip & Mrs Suzette Chisholm
Prof Norman Etherington AM and Prof Peggy Brock
Mr George & Mrs Eleanor Hobbs
Mr Chris Hughes
Mr H Edwin Michell
Dr Patricia A Michell
Mr Peter & Mrs Susan Morgan
Mr Ian Wall OAM
Mrs Pamela Wall OAM

Edmund Wright Patron
$3,000 – $4,999
Mrs Janet Angas
Mrs Joan Beer
Mrs Margaret Bennett
Mr Clive Brooks
Mr Hugh MacLachlan & Mrs Fiona MacLachlan OAM
Mrs Deborah Morgan
Mr Antony & Mrs Mary Lou Simpson
Mr Peter & Mrs Pamela Thomson

Colonel William Light Patron
$1,500 – $2,999
Mrs Kali Hunter Constantine
Dr John Davenport
Mrs Olive DeCaux
Dr Barbara Hardy AO
Mr Richard Harvey
Mrs Brenda Keen
Ms Alison Kinsman AM
Mrs Margaret Lee
Mr Skip & Mrs Lilly Lipman
Mr Ian H Lloyd
Mrs Josephine Prosser
Ms Valerie Rivers
Mr Jim & Mrs Doody Taylor
Dr Barbara Wall
Mr Cedric Wells OAM & Mrs Marion Wells
Mr Ian Young
Mrs Pamela Yule


Patrons 2015-16

Patrons 2014-15

Inaugural Patrons 2013

The generous support of civic-minded people is critical to our core operations.

Contact us if you wish to become a National Trust of SA Patron

631 Glynburn Road Beaumont 5066 SA


(08) 8202 9200


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