Market Square Museum

An old style turn of century general store, post office and family home. 

Market Square Museum  was originally the residence and shop of Andrew Wade a tailor. It was opened as a museum in 1966. The Museum entrance is at the rear and is accessed with the Passport key. The story of Andrew Wade and other early businesses are depicted on story boards and digital recordings. A colourful time-line is there too.

The front room facing the street is a shop available for rent.

*Part of the Burra Passport obtained from the Burra Visitor Centre. The Burra Heritage Passport gives access to a number of locations on the Johnny Green’s Trail. The cost of the Burra Heritage Passport for National Trust members is $20.00.

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Market Square Museum


Market Square
Burra 5417 SA



(08) 8892 2154
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Part of the Burra Passport key, which is available from the Burra Visitors Centre.

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