Burra Miner’s Dugouts

Around 600 dugouts were excavated along the banks of the Burra Creek 1846 and 1851.

The Miner’s dugouts  provided accommodation for an estimated population of 1800. This was over 40% of the population of what was then the seventh largest settlement in Australia. There were about 600 dugouts in the nearby creek banks, being cheap to construct they were occupied by miners due to a housing shortage.The main line of dugouts was known as Creek Street. In 1851, a flood devastated Creek Street driving the inhabitants from their dugouts. By 1860 the dugouts were virtually deserted. Three dugouts survive in this tributary which was not flooded like Burra Creek

*Part of the Burra Passport obtained from the Burra Visitor Centre. The Burra Heritage Passport gives access to a number of locations on the Johnny Green’s Trail. The cost of the Burra Heritage Passport for National Trust members is $20.00.


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Burra Miner’s Dugouts


Access is via the main entrance off Market Street Burra 5417 SA


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