Congratulations to all of our 2017 Heritage Awards winners!

Lifetime Achievement –  Judy Birmingham AM (Judy was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Awards for significant service to higher education, particularly to historical archaeology, as an academic, and to professional associations).

Cathy Donnelly –  Linda Babic

Trade and Skills – Stephen Brooker

The Judges’ Special Commendation: Woodford Academy

Blue Mountains Botanicals/ Aboriginal Cultural Room / Artist in Residence tenancies.

Read more about the individual winners.


Adaptive Re-use    
Award – Temora Railway Station
Award – Tramsheds Harold Park
Highly Commended – Cleveland & Co

Advocacy Campaigns  
Winner – Save Lansdowne
Winner – Gardens of Stone

Conservation – Built  
Award – Vaucluse Battlements
Award – Choregic Monument
Highly Commended – Kincoppal
Highly Commended – Sewage Pumping

Conservation – Landscape 
Award – Grand Canyon
Award – Mitchell’s Causeway
Highly Commended – Alexandra Canal Bank

Conservation Interiors and Objects    
Awards – St Pauls
Award – Southern Gasholder
Highly Commended – Saumarez Interior
Highly Commended – Museum of Fire Crane

Continuing Tradition     
Award – Luanja
Award – Vaucluse Drawing Room
Highly Commended – Massadon
Highly Commended – Clarence St Bridge
Education and Interpretation    
Award – Dowling Songbook
Award – Alchemy – Hill End
Award – Lives on the Line
Highly Commended – Irish Orphan Trunk

Events and Publications     
Awards – Going Underground
Awards – Florilegium
Highly Commended – Tennis in Literature
Highly Commended – Windows into Wartime
Highly Commended – Demolished Sydney

Awards – Sydney Cemeteries Field Guide
Awards – Waverley Council Inter-War Fact Sheets
Highly Commended – Postings from the Front
Highly Commended – Canopies

Tours and Multimedia      
Award – Running on Time
Award – Beachcomber website
Highly Commended – Our Heritage

Research and Investigation 
Award – Unlocking the Past
Highly Commended – The House that Jack Built
Highly Commended – St Matthews Windsor
Highly Commended – Imagining Bermagui: Using Natural Heritage for Connected Place-making

More about the winning projects

Adaptive Reuse - Temora Railway Station

State heritage listed Temora Railway Station was given a new lease of life as a youth centre, exhibition space, performance area and rail museum.


Adaptive Re-use - Tramsheds Harold Park

Tramsheds Harold Park heritage restoration project, salvaged and reinterpreted the iconic Tramway Depot to create a unique food destination.


Advocacy Campaigns - Save Lansdowne

The Save Lansdowne Group advocated to protect an 1894 property, the last of 33 properties built by the Walter Liberty Vernon Neutral Bay Land Company.


Advocacy Campaigns - Gardens of Stone

This photographic exhibition showcased 172 images of the Gardens of Stone region, promoting the unique cultural and natural values of Lithgow area.


Conservation (Built) - Vaucluse Battlements

Structural movement and construction weaknesses in the precast concrete 1917 battlements and turrets of Vaucluse House were rectified using traditional building practices.


Conservation (Built) - Choregic Monument

The Choregic Monument of Lysicrates, in the Royal Botanic Gardens, was restored with work including research, condition assessment, desalination, re-carving and surface stabilisation.


Conservation (Landscape) – Grand Canyon

NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service completed the restoration of the 1907 track through the Grand Canyon in the Blue Mountains.


Conservation (Landscape) – Mitchell’s Causeway

Conservation of an historic sandstone causeway, part of the Victoria Pass road infrastructure on the Great Western Highway near Mt Victoria.


Conservation Interiors – St Pauls

Restoration of the interior of the Edmund Blacket Anglican church, including cleaning and repairing stained glass windows, sandstone walls and timber roof structures.


Conservation Objects – Southern Gasholder

The only Victorian-era gasholder still standing in NSW was restored for Sydney Trains. This gasholder now provides a unique educational view of how our railways and cities were once illuminated.


Continuing Tradition – Luanja

The design and construction of an Australian Colonial Regency revival estate, including; house, interiors, outbuildings and garden.


Continuing Tradition – Vaucluse Drawing Room

The drawing room, considered one of the finest surviving colonial interiors in Australia, was refurbished by experts.


Education & Interpretation – Dowling Songbook

The discovery of an early collection of domestic sheet music inspired a new collaboration between Sydney Living Museums and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.


Education & Interpretation – Alchemy Hill End

Alchemy is an immersive, atmospheric and bespoke interpretive installation located in an reused fire station and showcases the history of Hill End.


Education & Interpretation – Lives on the Line

This commemorative artwork acknowledges the contributions and sacrifices of the 8,447 NSW railway men who enlisted during World War 1.


Events & Publications – Going Underground

Celebrating 90 years of the city underground railway. The event included tunnel tours, vintage electric train rides, exhibitions, commemorative photo and online video.


Events & Publications – Florilegium

'Florilegium: Sydney’s painted garden' showcased 87 contemporary botanical paintings, illustrating significant plants in the collections of the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust.


Publications – Sydney Cemeteries Field Guide

This field guide to be published and covers 101 publicly accessible cemeteries in the Greater Sydney area. It includes descriptions, histories and related essays.


Publications – Waverley InterWar Fact Sheets

This brochure comprises a range of topics guiding the ongoing management and care of Inter-War Residential Flat buildings within Waverley in a series of factsheets.


Tours & Multimedia – Running on Time

Sydney Trains shared the history of rail heritage through the ‘Running on Time’ project. It included multimedia resources and behind the scenes tours of Central Station.


Tours & Multimedia – Beachcomber website

This website is devoted to documenting and conserving a significant expression of Australian mid-century modernism - the Lend Lease Beachcomber project home.


Research & Investigation – Unlocking the Past

This Conservation Management Plan tells the stories of former Kinchela Boys Home survivors and explores how this place may play a role in their journey of healing.


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