Heritage Register

If you wish to check if a property/site is located on a heritage register in the ACT you may search one of the following sites:

National Trust ACT Classified Places

From it’s foundation in 1979 to 2004 the National Trust ACT classified or heritage listed places deemed to be of high cultural and historical value to the heritage of the ACT. The list represents not only the human history of the ACT dating from the last 20,000 years – but also the geological history of the landscape we see around us everyday. 

The aim of classification was to provide solid historical evidence for establishing the importance of each listed site and to use this evidence to advocate for their future conservation and use. A Classification by the National Trust ACT provides no legal protection.

The National Trust ACT ceased classifying places in 2004, instead nominating them to the ACT Heritage Register where, if accepted, they would be afforded a level of statutory protection under the Heritage Act 2004.

For a list of Classified Places see here, or for more information and access to the hard copy files Contact Us.

ACT Heritage Register

Under the Heritage Act 2004 (Heritage Act) the ACT Heritage Council is responsible for keeping a register of heritage places and objects in the ACT. 

For a site to be listed on the ACT Heritage Register means it is afforded the following:

  • the site/place/object is seen to be of particular importance to the people of the ACT and to enrich our understanding of history and identity;
    legal protection under the Heritage Act, this includes the application of Heritage Guidelines;
  • advice on development plans and issues is required from the Heritage Council to ensure it is correctly conserved;
  • the site/place is eligible for support from the Heritage Advisory Service or funding from the Heritage Grant Program.

For more information on the ACT Heritage Register visit the ACT Heritage website

Commonwealth and National Heritage List

Places on these lists are significant to the Australian nation. Whether it is owned by the Commonwealth Heritage List of the National Heritage List depends on whether it is owned by the Commonwealth or privately. 

You can find out more and search these lists at the Department of Environment website