The National Trust (ACT) has refreshed its exciting initiative which gives civic-minded people and members an opportunity to become Donor Patrons of the National Trust (ACT).

The new classes of Donor Patron are:

  • Heritage Patron = $1,000
  • Major Patron = $2,000
  • Principal Patron = $3,000
  • Burley Griffin Patron = $4,000

If you are interested in making a donation to become a Donor Patron please contact us by phone (02) 6230 0533.

Donor Patrons can ‘top up’ their contributions at any time in the future and this will count towards the next level of recognition. It is hoped to have an honour board arranged for public recognition.

Donor Patrons can remain anonymous if desired.


Principal Patrons

  • Mr Andrew Freeman FACS

Major Patrons

  • Ms Wendy Whitham

Heritage Patrons

  • Ms Anne Forrest

2015 Inaugural Patrons

  • Mr Andrew Freeman FACS
  • Ms Diane Johnstone AM
  • Dr Ann Kent
  • Dr Bruce Kent
  • Mr Eric Martin AM
  • Mr Scott McAlister
  • Ms Wendy Whitham


Note: All donations to the National Trust of over $2 are tax deductible.