Cape Jaffa Lighthouse

Originally built out to sea from the Cape Jaffa on the Margaret Brock Reef and opened in 1872.

The historic lighthouse originally was 41 metres high and known as a Wells Screw Pile designed to suit the local conditions. The 8 roomed dwelling accommodated two lighthouse keepers and families with enough stores to last several weeks. The Chance Brothers lantern could be seen for a distance up to 40 kilometres.

In the early 1970’s the Federal Government decided to install an automatic light and hand over the Lighthouse to the care of the National Trust at Kingston. The Lighthouse was moved to Marine Parade Kingston and opened in 1976 as a Museum.


Marine Parade Kingston SE 5275 SA


Opening time 1-3pm School Holidays or by appointment. Times may change due to availability of volunteer guides.

0427 854 175
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