Kingston SE National Trust Museum

The museum features many pioneer items connected with local history including ship wreck artefacts.

The museum displays many examples of household items used by early settlers including kitchen and laundry memorabilia, telephones and typewriters as well as agricultural equipment, saddlery and horse drawn vehicles, tractors and small engines. There is also a small collection of Aboriginal artefacts and a display telling the story of the fishing industry, one of Kingston’s principle trades from the 19th century. In addition, there are interesting examples from the bark tanning industry, unique to this area from the 1870s when black wattle bark was collected and ground into powder to tan leather.

The ship wreck display includes one of the most significant items in the museum’s collection, the 8 foot anchor from the Margaret Brock, the coastal trading ship that was wrecked on its way to Melbourne from Port Adelaide in 1852 after striking an offshore reef south of Guichen Bay. The reef is now known as the Margaret Brock Reef.

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Kingston SE National Trust Museum


23 Cooke Street, Kingston SE 5275


School holidays (26th Dec 2023 to 28th Jan 2024) 2pm - 4pm, or by appointment.

0417 17 815