The Cape Jaffa Lighthouse is an iconic South Australian historic cast iron structure, attracting and amazing visitors on guided tours, and providing a memorable insight into the lives of the lightkeepers and their families for just over 100 years of its operation on the Margaret Brock Reef.

It created Australian history when it became the first offshore Australian lighthouse to be meticulously dismantled and re-erected on land. It now stands on the foreshore at Kingston.

Since 1976, the Kingston Branch of National Trust has been entrusted with its care, maintenance and ultimately its preservation.  Maintenance work must be continuous to ensure that any deterioration is kept to a minimum – a major challenge in its coastal location.

We have also been advised that the whole structure must be stripped back and repainted every 10 years.

For the past 47 years, since opening as a museum on land, countless local people have shown a strong commitment to the preservation of this lighthouse. Volunteer guides have conducted tours throughout the year, and general maintenance work has been done by local individuals donating their time, equipment, and labour.

The Kingston National Trust Branch’s dedication to the preservation of this lighthouse is unwavering, with a determination to sustain and maintain it.

However, some preservation tasks require a high level of expertise which comes at a significant cost beyond the means of the Local Branch.

This appeal has been set up to specifically raise funds to assist us with three urgent conservation tasks:

  1. Removal of rust and corrosion externally.
  2. Paint the external surfaces of the lighthouse.
  3. Re-caulk the lantern glazing and replace a glazing panel.


We ask that you please consider helping us preserve this very special piece of South Australia’s maritime history.

Thank you in anticipation.

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Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Conservation Appeal

Please help conserve the Cape Jaffa lighthouse it is a South Australian icon.

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