Themes for Westralian histories with Dr Bruce Baskerville

Your July Heritage Conversation

The National Trust’s property portfolio has been built up over more than 60 years and, across the decades, places have often been acquired serendipitously rather than as a carefully considered collection. Yet, there are common threads that link many of these places, some obvious and others more subtle. Until recently, the connections between them and the opportunities they present had not been formally considered.

In Themes for Westralian histories: Reading the loved land Public Historian Bruce Baskerville offers a new representation of the Trust’s property portfolio and suggests ways it can help us explore and understand Western Australia’s heritage.

Join us as Bruce discusses his research and the six historical themes he identified. These ‘Themes for Westralian histories’ create storytelling opportunities across the National Trust Estate which allow for new narratives of historical acknowledgement and future healing.

Light refreshments provided at the end of the event. Free onsite parking available.

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