Are you ready to celebrate Australian heritage for another year? Then we are excited to welcome you to the 2020 Australian Heritage Festival.

The next festival will bring together an array of events across the nation from 18 April – 19 May 2020 with the theme for our festival is ‘Our Heritage for the Future’

As we look with twenty-twenty vision to the importance of all facets of heritage in honouring the stories of our past, celebrating lived heritage as it evolves in the present, and looking to the future to ensure the stories of our culture, significant historical and natural places and Indigenous heritage is protected for future generations.

Commencing on World Heritage Day and running from 18 April to 19 May 2020, the Australian Heritage Festival is an opportunity for all the community to organise events and exhibitions, gather stories and tell them, celebrate through ceremony and performances, share knowledge through talks, walks and tours, and have fun bringing heritage to life.

The National Trust looks forward to promoting events in cities, towns, for community groups, businesses, Councils, conservation groups, museums, galleries, libraries, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, retail centres, universities and schools. Organise your events to take place over one day or two, in real-time or digitally – celebrate heritage for the future.

Key Dates

Registrations are now open! Register your event by 25 January 2020 to be included in the digital program.

  • March: The Australian Heritage Festival website goes live
  • Friday 27 March: Event registrations close
  • Saturday 18 April: Australian Heritage Festival launches
  • Tuesday 19 May: Australian Heritage Festival finishes

Brought to you by the National Trust of Australia

The National Trust of Australia is proud to be the national conveners and coordinators of the Australian Heritage Festival. In 2019, the Australian Heritage Festival:

  • Provided Australians with a selection of 786 events celebrating cultural, natural and built heritage nationally.
  • Attracted 362,000 visitors to events across the nation.
  • Digitally engaged 154,194 people with stories about heritage and culture over four weeks.

We look forward to welcoming Australians and international visitors to another year of the Australian Heritage Festival and the wonderful range of exhibitions, walking tours, films, expert talks, workshops, food fairs, guided tours of historical sites, ceremonies, demonstrations, special dinners and lunches this program has to offer.