Prelude – A national residency program for composers

Now in its fourth year, Prelude has created a national network dedicated to supporting new works from Australian composers.

Prelude offers long-term residencies allowing composers to focus on their craft while residing in one of three heritage listed Australian homes. Applications for composers have been extended and will now close on 19 August 2019.

Prelude will provide Australian composers with the time and space to create new work by providing accommodation and a generous stipend. Located in Adelaide, Perth or Sydney, the program is open to composers from any genre and at any stage of their career.

This is what current and past Prelude residents have said:

“Being able to live and work in the Peggy Glanville- Hicks Composer’s House has been one my career highlights. To have the opportunity to fully immerse myself in my practice has given me the inspiration to further project myself into other areas of creativity that I wouldn’t have had time to otherwise. And to do it within a building that already holds so much creative energy is a real goldmine for any artist.”

Ngaiire – Peggy Glanville-Hicks House 2019

“I’m so glad I chose Gallop House in Perth. The community here has been so warm, open and generous. Perth just keeps on giving and giving. What a blessing.”

Chris McNulty – Gallop House 2019

“Many artists have ideas for ‘dream’ projects in the back of their mind that are at once exciting and daunting. They would constitute some kind of artistic breakthrough but might be especially demanding in terms of their scale or the extra care and effort that would be needed to see them through. A Prelude residency gives musicians a special opportunity to make such a break-through. The time and space give you the platform from which to make these ambitious projects happen, and it’s a really significant opportunity to give to an artist. I’m very grateful for the foresight and generosity that has made this rather unique program a reality.”

William Gardiner – Beaumont Cottage 2019

“The Prelude residency at Gallop House has provided me with a sanctuary to create without creative or financial pressures. The year-long residency shows that there is understanding that creativity needs time and is a long term investment.”

Dr Mace Francis – Gallop House 2017

“Prelude a great opportunity. The residency has enabled me to work on projects within a compositional framework, the outcomes of which are both national and international. I’ve been able to run a series of ‘Evenings at Peggy’s’ highlighting certain aspects of new music. These have featured a performer, followed by an in-depth debate and an ABC podcast. The evenings have been well attended and stimulated public interchange.”

Jon Rose – Peggy Glanville-Hicks House 2017

The Prelude program builds on the established residency at Peggy Glanville-Hicks House in Paddington, Sydney. The other residencies are at Gallop House in Dalkeith, Perth (owned by the National Trust of WA) and Beaumont Cottage in Beaumont, Adelaide (owned by the National Trust of SA).

Prelude is managed by Bundanon Trust. The Trust also hosts the largest artist residency program in the country at its base on the NSW south coast.

“Prelude is a gift to the composers of Australia, and we are proud that Bundanon can apply its experience in hosting artists’ residencies to a network that spans the country,” said Bundanon Trust CEO Deborah Ely.

Prelude is a unique collaboration between Bundanon Trust, Peggy Glanville-Hicks Composers Trust, The National Trust of Western Australia, the National Trust of South Australia, The National Trusts of Australia, APRA AMCOS, the Helpmann Academy, and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts.