Heritage architecture award for Strawberry Hill / Barmup Visitor Hub

We're thrilled by the award for heritage architecture won by PTX Architects for the Strawberry Hill / Barmup Visitor Hub at the recent 2021 WA Architecture Awards.

The award recognises of the immense amount of work that has gone into transforming the visitor experience at this special heritage place.

Strawberry Hill in Albany was established in 1827 as the first European farm in Western Australia on the site of a significant Menang Aboriginal camping area, known as Barmup. ⁠

The challenge for PTX and the National Trust team was to enhance facilities for volunteers and visitors, noting that the existing buildings on site could not be made accessible without negatively impacting on heritage values. The architects’ response was to propose a new building for ticketing, orientation, interpretation, small group gatherings and events, which echoes the size and shape of the adjacent cottage built c1835.

Working within the conservation plan framework, the siting was carefully considered addressing the location of the existing buildings, engaging visitors before they enter any buildings and capturing views. The form of the building references the local traditional mia (Menang shelter) through the use of timber battening. It also references a nineteenth-century Wardian Case, used for transporting European plants.⁠

Read about the project and see more images on the PTX Architects website.

Our amazing volunteers are also delighted and look forward to welcoming you to Strawberry Hill / Barmup next time you’re in Albany!

Photos by Bo Wong.

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