Exterior urns reflect original construction

Thanks to Lotterywest and a generous donor, some much needed conservation works have been taking place at Woodbridge with a major milestone reached.

Six replica urns were installed on the Woodbridge tower and entry portico parapets bringing to fruition the interpretive approach of presenting the exterior as originally constructed. It was considered at the time to be “the finest and most innovative house in Western Australia”.

National Trust CEO, Julian Donaldson said “This is an exciting time for Woodbridge and an important accomplishment. Incorporating the aesthetic significance of architect Francis Bird’s original design has been a long term goal and with the support of Lotterywest and the generous donor we have finally been able to achieve this.”

Sketches of the urn’s profile were compiled using a photograph found in the collection at Battye Library (image BL812B19). The urns have been cast using a packed stone and cement aggregate and weigh 220 kg each. They have been finished in a copperis oxide limewash to match the original copperis stucco finish at Woodbridge.

Conservation works continue to progress at Woodbridge and we will share stories as they develop. We look forward to welcoming everyone back once completed.