East Perth Cemeteries grant received

The National Trust of Western Australia has received a grant of $14,200 from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries to develop a script and sound score for an intimate outdoor theatre performance at East Perth Cemeteries. The performance will reveal the West Australian stories of East Perth Cemeteries (a place of intrigue, mystery and one for overactive imaginings).

It will be a night time experience as it provides opportunities for a unique immersive adventure that explores the forbidden and gives intimate access to an authentic place made even more real with stories shared via a memorable delivery.

The National Trust will undertake the research that will provide the raw material to underpin the script. The theatre making team and the Trust will work collaboratively to select the themes and characters for their story telling power and relevance to contemporary life. It is proposed to offer a season of performances in the Spring.

The theatre making team is led by James Berlyn a highly regarding script writer/director and he will be joined by a lighting designer, a composer/sound designer and two experienced actors. Additional input will be provided by a Dr Lauren Breen, a Curtin University academic with expertise in grief and bereavement.


Photos: Eva Fernandez