Budadee Rangers Program

The Budadee Foundation is an Aboriginal organisation which is proudly supported by the Palyku people, endorsed by the Palyku Working Party, and established under the National Trust. Their primary purpose is protecting the cultural and environmental integrity of the Woodstock-Abydos Protected Area and assisting Aboriginal communities in the East Pilbara region of Western Australia.

The Budadee Foundation engages an Aboriginal Ranger Team from the communities of Nullagine, Yandeyarra, Marble Bar and Port Hedland who collaborate with specialists from Terra Rosa to promote a Cultural Leadership and Caring for Country program to aid in the conservation of the Woodstock Abydos Protected Reserve.

In June 2018, the Budadee Ranger Program, comprising of 9 rangers, undertook cultural heritage mapping and conservation works at Tambourah Rock Hole and Spring. The program included assessing the site and installing remote sensing cameras in the area. The rangers also visited the Gallery Hill Rock Art site where they found graffiti which insulted an ancestor of one the members of the Ranger team near the historic Woodstock Homestead. The team was successful in removing the graffiti. The entire project was completed in 6 days (20-25 June 2018).

Last year, the team was also successful in the completion of the Pilot Ranger Program which saw over 90 days of on-country activity engaging over 30 Aboriginal people from remote communities and the successful completion by 15 Aboriginal Rangers (10 men 5 women) of the Aboriginal Sites Work (ASW) and Conservation and Land Management (CLM) Cert III.