Book now available from NT office: Albert Hall, The Heart of Canberra by Lenore Coltheart

A beautifully illustrated book like no other, about the city like no other and the intriguing treasure that is Canberra’s Albert Hall.

Joan Sutherland’s launch, the notorious Petrov Royal
Commission, a rumoured ghost and rowdy public meetings
give Canberra’s Albert Hall a history like no other.
Albert Hall – the simple, elegant building at the heart of our national capital – was Canberra’s only performing arts centre for its first 40 years.

The venue for weekly dances, school concerts and art exhibitions, this was also where homegrown actors, dancers and musicians shared the stage with international stars of music, dance and theatre. Australia’s first citizenship ceremony as well as coronation banquets and balls are
among the national occasions of the Albert Hall’s remarkable past. This beautifully illustrated book shares the history of this Canberra landmark for the first time. The stories of Albert Hall are both publicly significant and vividly personal, and they trace the story of Canberra itself: how a city was grafted into place and how it was nourished.

Books now available to buy from the National Trust office (located 1st Floor, North Building, Civic Square) Mon-Thurs 9.30am-3pm at the price of $45.00, $5.00 being retained by the National Trust.

About the Author
Dr Lenore Coltheart is an Australian historian and heritage consultant whose long interest in significant public places is evident in her earlier books on historic public works in New South Wales. Now a specialist in the history and heritage of the national capital, she has written extensively on Canberra for the Canberra Historical Journal and other publications.