While we are all restricted in where we can travel, would you like to help us in an historical archaeological project from your home?  

Eric Martin (Councillor National Trust) and Peter Dowling (Councillor CDHS & National Trust) are joining forces investigating historic dump sites and landfill sites in the ACT. 

During the construction of Canberra from the early years up to the end of the 1980s a great deal of unwanted landfill, building material and domestic waste was deposited in unregistered land sites throughout the ACT suburbs. These often became temporary sites for commercial and domestic dumps as the suburbs expanded, then were abandoned. Regulations and guidelines on the disposal of waste and landfill were not as developed then as now, and today there are many historic dump sites scattered around Canberra and the surrounding countryside. Many have been covered over and are now lurking just below the ground surfaces.  

We need help in trying to locate these historic dump sites. One of our best resources in finding and mapping them are your memories and early recollections of where they were located in your area or where you can remember them being used. Maybe you used one yourself. 

So, if you would like to participate in a spot of community archaeology please let us know. If you do not know the precise location, then a general recollection would be extremely helpful. 

Please email Liz at the NT Office if you can help.