Well Built: Simmie & Co Master Builders in Canberra 1926 – 1969 exhibition and talk

Well Built - Simmie & Co. Master Builders
Canberra - 1926 -1969
Melbourne - 1924 -1978

Hear the story of a pioneering building company of the early to mid 20th century, of WW1 veterans, of courage and a willingness to take a risk, of the beginning of the Capital City of Australia and the workers, the unsung heroes, who made it all happen.

There were three brothers, all born in the last decade of the 19th century – William, Jock & George. All were WW1 veterans. All were wounded and survived.

They establish a building company called Simmie & Co. in Melbourne in 1924 then Canberra in 1926. After 54 and 43 years respectively, they leave behind a legacy of many iconic buildings, especially in the City of Canberra – The Albert Hall, AWM, American Embassy, Institute of Anatomy now the Film and Sound Archives, R G Menzies Library, ANU, to name a few.

The speaker will be Dr Richard Simmie, grandson of Jock Simmie.

National Capital Exhibition at Regatta Point, Barrine Drive, Parkes