Heritage in Woden

Heritage in Woden – Eddison Park, Woden Cemetery and Woden Town Centre

Woden might be only 50 years old as a town centre, however it has much more heritage than you might think. The middle of the Woden Town Centre has a number of heritage places, and these will be explored over the course of this walk.

Find out the history associated with Eddison Park, why it is so named, and why it is associated with so much military history. Explore the Woden Cemetery, its history, layout, buildings and features, and some notable people who are buried there. Notice some more recent heritage and other developments of the Woden Town Centre and recall some recent events. The walk is approximately 3 km long on mainly flat terrain.

Note that this walk is similar to the Woden Heritage Walk in 2020.

Guide: Gary Watkins, nearby Woden resident and Manager of the National Trust (ACT).
Sunday 24 March 9.30-11.30am
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