As the the pre-eminent, independent community based heritage organisation in Western Australia (WA) the National Trust provides a number of heritage advisory services.

Classification List

The National Trust’s Classified List provides a record of places with heritage value in WA. Through Classification the Trust works to educate the public about heritage places and objects, as well as Aboriginal and natural heritage. Out Classified Places list is available to the public, with Assessment documentation provided for a small fee.

Due Diligence

While National Trust Classification has no legal status, the Trust hopes that owners respect the heritage significance of the Classified place or object and the Trust is able to provide advice to this end. For law firms or settlement agents acting for a property owner or developer, the Trust will advise if a place is on our Classification List, and provide copies of Assessment documentation if required.

Heritage Records

Established in 1959, the National Trust has, in its 50 plus years of operation, amassed a great deal of information about Heritage places in Western Australia. Along with formal assessment documentation the Trust has a large amount of heritage related material organised by local government area, such as floor plans, media mentions and Conservation Plans.

This material is accessible to the public by appointment. Fees do apply if the research undertaken is for a commercial purpose, but is otherwise freely available to the community of Western Australia.


The Trust has established a ‘Classification Standing Committee’ (the CSC) to identify and assess places and objects of cultural heritage significance and recommend to Council the classification and conservation of those places and objects considered to have heritage significance. Members of the public may nominate places for assessment by the CSC.

As the expert committee are volunteers there can be a significant amount of time between a place being nominated for Classification, and the assessment of the place. Should a member of the community want a place assessed for heritage significance, the National Trust is also able to complete a professional heritage assessment on a for fee basis.