Willunga Slate Museum

The Willunga Slate Museum is part of the old Willunga Courthouse and Police Station complex.

The Willunga Slate Museum is housed in the police stables of the old Willunga Courthouse and Police Station complex, which also houses the Willunga Courthouse Museum. Its grounds form part of the Willunga Courthouse Reserve.

This interpretive museum describes how slate is formed, its discovery in the hills behind Willunga and the development of the slate extraction industry to the present day.

Many Cornish miners came to Willunga to work in the slate quarries and the dangerous work of the quarrymen and the lifestyle of their families are told. The museum also has a collection of slate working tools and examples of the many uses to which the versatile slate stone has been put.

Please visit the official Willunga National Trust page for more details: https://willungantsa.au



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Willunga Slate Museum


61 High Street
Willunga 5172 SA


The museums are closed June, July and August but we can accommodate requests for visits by special arrangement.

Please email us to make arrangements.

(08) 8556 2195
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The Willunga Slate Trail begins at the Willunga Slate Museum

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