Beautifully preserved 1840 house and gardens.

While Australia’s mainland colonies experienced a severe economic depression in the 1840s, Tasmania remained prosperous owing to unpaid convict labour and industries such as wool production and whaling.

Runnymede represents Tasmania’s golden age. This Regency marine villa was built by lawyer Robert Pitcairn and Dorothea Pitcairn c1836-1840 and extended by Tasmania’s first Anglican Bishop, Francis Russell Nixon who resided there between 1850 and 1862. Captain Charles Bayley then acquired the house and named it Runnymede after his favourite whaling ship. The Bayley and Bayly families resided in the house for over a century.

Enjoy a guided tour of this gracious house with its elegant furnishings, fascinating maritime collections and verdant gardens.

Garden: Original 19th century villa garden including a carriage drive surrounding the house, 1840s stables and coach house, cast iron fountain, historic trees and plantings.