Malcolm Wicks Reserve

Malcolm Wicks Reserve is a fine example of Stringybark Open Forest in a high rainfall area supporting a diverse plant community.

Malcolm Wicks Reserve was donated to the National Trust of SA by Mr & Mrs M. Wicks and Mr & Mrs G. Nancarrow in 1979.

The Reserve contains 7.9 ha of undulating land of high elevation with a good rainfall. The different aspects created by the undulations allow a variety of plant communities to exist. On west-facing slopes, the vegetation is generally Stringybark Open Forest (E. obliqua) with grassy understorey (eg Lepidosperma semiteres). On north-facing slopes the understory is generally Bracken (Pteridium esculentum). On moist, sheltered, (south) facing slopes the understory is dense Maidenhair fern (Adiantum aethopicum). Marshy slopes and drainage lines support a suite of moisture-loving plants including the rare red-fruited saw sedge (Gahnia sieberiana). The Reserve’s dense and grassy understorey provides habitat for the ground dwelling White’s thrush and the Southern Brown Bandicoot.

There is a short walking trail. Please note there are no facilities.

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**Please note: Dogs are not allowed in this reserve

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Malcolm Wicks Reserve

Malcolm Wicks Reserve


Leslie Road, Forest Range SA. The path into the reserve is through a gate beside an old shed with a green door


24 hours


Closed on total Fire Ban days.

Natural Heritage Manager Alex Emmins, 0467 467 920