Brinkworth Reserve

The Brinkworth Reserve is a recreation and picnic area close to Port Lincoln with free barbecues and toilets in a beautiful location with some excellent remnant vegetation.

The Brinkworth Reserve is on Winters Hill, 3.6 km north-west of Pt Lincoln. It was gifted to the National Trust of South Australia by Ken Brinkworth in 1968, with more pieces added over time with the last in December 1986.

It is 7.74 ha of partially revegetated farmland, as well a beautiful, rare remnant of Drooping Sheoak and mixed Eucalypt Woodland with very old, dense Yacca/Tates Grass-tree growth (Xanthorrhea semiplana ssp tateana). This species once supported a significant Yacca Gum industry in this area.

It is easily accessed by car from Winter Hill Drive via the Flinders Highway and there is plenty of parking. There are walks through the Reserve and space for children to play. Free barbeques are provided and there is a shelter over one barbeque. It is open between sunrise and sunset.

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**Please note: Dogs are allowed MUST BE UNDER EFFECTIVE CONTROL ON-leash in this reserve (in mowed recreational areas)


Brinkworth Reserve

Brinkworth Reserve


Winter Hill Drive, Port Lincoln


Open between sunrise and sunset


Closed on total Fire Ban days


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