HK Fry Reserve

This a beautiful remnant stringy-bark forest.

HK Fry Reserve comprises 3.6ha on Lots 63 and 65 Heath Road, Crafers, just west of Waverley Ridge Road. The steep slopes of the reserve form part of the Hills Face Zone.  It was a gift from Dr Henry Kenneth Fry in March 1959. The access track from Heath Road was donated by Mrs F Cornell in September 1959.

The reserve is traversed by four creek lines which form part of the headwaters of Brownhill Creek. Due to its steep topography, the reserve was not developed for agriculture. Old logging tracks traverse the slopes and the tall regrowth forest contains a wide diversity of understorey species.

HK Fry Reserve conserves tall Messmate Stringybark (Eucalyptus obliqua) open forest over a heath understorey, a vegetation association of which it is estimated less than 0.1% remains.

The reserve has a long fire-free history and has been managed specifically for conservation since the mid 1940’s. A total of 98 indigenous plant species have been recorded including 16 orchid species and seven other plant species of State or Regional significance.

The flora list includes seven species recorded as larval food plants for South Australian butterflies.

The southern creek is considered as “nationally important” as “a good example of a wetland type occurring within a biogeographic region in Australia”. The southern creek supports good invertebrate abundance and diversity; Notonemouridae (Stonefly) and Hydrobiosidae (Caddisfly) are dominant.

Pedestrian access into the reserve from Heath Road is currently via a rough bush track. The National Trust is planning to upgrade this walking trail in the near future.

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**Please note: Dogs are not allowed in this reserve


HK Fry Reserve

HK Fry Reserve


There is a signposted path between 12 and 14 Heath Road leading into the reserve, Crafers West.


Open 24 hours


Closed on total Fire Ban days.

Natural Heritage Manager Alex Emmins: 0467 467 920

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