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Walking through Woodend history

Woodend is the gateway to central Victoria. The township was a refreshing break for diggers during the goldrush. Here our State has stunning scenery as well as historic vistas. Come and view our trees clothed in their gorgeous Autumn garb. Come and experience the heritage we are steeped in.

Woodend became a resort town during late colonial times. The coming of the railway in 1861 certainly helped establish the pleasures of the town. An Indian maharajah purchased prize horses from the horse emporium. The golf club and racing club added to the town’s attractions. Today, despite the closure of the racecourse, the town retains its magnetism. And, as well as the amenities provided for townspeople and tourist, you can drink in the history and heritage which surrounds us.

Come view the courthouse built in 1870. It operated right through to the 1970s. Come and buy, at heavily discounted prices, books telling about the diverse people of Woodend, their livelihoods and the way they have lived off the area. Walk through the courtroom. See displays of the history of the town and its surrounds.

During May you can obtain brochures to guide you through walks around the town. These tell the history of the very steps you are taking.

Celebrating 50 years of the Victorian Heritage Register 

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43 Forest Street, Woodend, VIC


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