Welcome to the Australian Heritage Festival 2019Welcome to the 2019 Australian Heritage Festival

This year’s festival will bring together an array of events across the nation from 18 April – 19 May 2019. Our theme this year is Connecting People, Places and the Past.

Events across Australia will be held at historic buildings, landmarks, shipwrecks and sacred sites. The festival will bring together communities from all walks of life to recognise and celebrate heritage and culture through ceremony, song and dance, performance art, art in various media and artefacts, talks on books and stories, and guided tours of towns, places and spaces.

The Australian Heritage Festival will bring to life all chapters of Australian culture and history, telling the stories of diverse and distinctive experiences that make up our communities.

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Brought to you by the National Trust of Australia and the Australian Government

The National Trust of Australia is proud to be the national convenors and coordinators of the Australian Heritage Festival working in partnership and with the generous funding of the Australian Government. In 2018, the Australian Heritage Festival:

  • Provided Australians with a selection of 1,253 events celebrating cultural, natural and built heritage nationally.
  • Attracted 441,000 visitors to events across the nation.
  • Digitally engaged 80,958 people with stories about heritage and culture over four weeks.

We look forward to welcoming Australians and international visitors to another year of the Australian Heritage Festival and the wonderful range of exhibitions, walking tours, films, expert talks, workshops, food fairs, guided tours of historical sites, ceremonies, demonstrations, special dinners and lunches this program has to offer.

Let us connect you to People, Places and the Past.


The Australian Heritage Festival is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Trusts Partnership Program.


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