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Turbans 4 Australia Our South-West Sikhs exhibition

This exhibition is an in-depth look at the history, heritage and culture of the Sikh community, and the charitable efforts of the Sikh led organisation Turbans 4 Australia.

Sikhs have been documented living and working in Australia dating back to the 1830s. Today there are over 210,000 Sikhs in Australia, representing 0.8% of the Australian population.

Founded in 2015, charity organisation Turbans 4 Australia have supported hundreds of thousands of Australians through tough times including natural disasters, homelessness, domestic violence, poverty, unemployment and the isolating Covid – 19 pandemic.

Their story is a continuous journey from the past, embedded with traditions and values from centuries of rich history, into contemporary Australian life and identity today.

This enduring story of selfless service, promoting multiculturalism and religious tolerance, is a celebration of Sikh heritage, arts, culture and values.

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462 Hume Highway, Liverpool Regional Museum, Liverpool, New South Wales

Corner of Hume Highway and Congressional Drive.


Saturday the 13-27th of April, 10am to 4pm

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