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Trainspotting Community Art Display

All aboard the Mount Barker Express! Join local artists and community as we celebrate 100 years of the Mount Barker Railway Station. Featuring a collection of railway-themed artwork on display and for sale around the town. A trail map will be available from the Mount Barker Visitor Centre.

On the 6th March 1924, the second Mount Barker Railway Station was officially opened as a passenger train stop on the Great Southern Line from Northam to Albany, Western Australia. The station was built using bricks from the de Garis Brickworks in Kendenup and was noted as the most up-to-date station outside of Perth during its construction.
Mount Barker’s social significance was increased when the new station was built with excellent facilities for passengers including a refreshment room and bar, dining room and fruit stalls.
The “Trainspotting” Community Art Display offers local artists the chance to display and sell their work around Mount Barker, while visitors can enjoy a creative and historic experience. The display opens 20th April and concludes 4th May. An exhibit will follow at the Mount Barker IGA from 8th – 17th May.
Follow the trail and find the trains – All Aboard!

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, Mount Barker, Western Australia

Mount Barker Visitor Centre is open daily 9am - 1pm for trail maps, information and railway display
Trail is open at all times

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