Ties that bind us – Music to connect us all through time, place and memory

Join Southern Brass in a journey of connection through music!
In "TIES THAT BIND US: A Symphony of Connection," we embark on a musical exploration of the myriad ways in which music acts as a bridge - connecting individuals, communities, and cultures across the vast expanses of time and space.

This concert is not just a presentation of melodies and harmonies; it is a profound journey through the landscapes of human emotion and shared experiences that highlight the universal ties binding us together.

“Ties That Bind Us: A Symphony of Connection” invites the audience to reflect on the profound connections that music can forge – between artist and audience, past and present, emotion and expression. Through this curated selection of pieces, the concert becomes a space where the universal language of music speaks to the shared human experience, echoing the symphony of connection that resonates within us all.

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7 East Parade, Sutherland, NSW

For further information please contact Southern Brass at southernbrassau@gmail.com.


Sunday 19th May, 2 - 4pm

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