The York Photographic Awards – Heritage Wheels

The York Society's annual York Photographic Awards is located at the iconic Sandalwoods Yards with this year's theme to coincide with Heritage Week being Heritage Wheels (The Road to York) .

York is the oldest inland town in Western Australia, just 95km inland from Perth. The annual York Photographic Awards is to be held at the Sandalwood Gallery, the beautifully converted stables in the Sandalwood yards.
This year to celebrate Heritage Week, The York Photographic Awards will run for eight days over three weekends. Starting Saturday 27 April 2024, with the final day on Sunday 12 May, also Mothers Day.
The York Photographic Awards has been running for a number of years, attracting talented photographers from both York and beyond. This is only the second year we have had a children’s category with some very talented children in our midst. All our contestants have been of very high calibre and worthy of praise.
While at the Sandalwood yards, check out Tipperary School, a one teacher school that was moved from Tipperary Farm and reassembled brick by brick by the York Society. Inside, you can view our gallery of previous winners of the Photographic Awards.

Event dates

Event Details

Avon Terrace, York, Western Australia

10am to 4pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 3, Children $ 3
Attendance limit:
Onsite facilities:
  • Accessible toilets
Other things
you need to know:
Parking on roadside.