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The Warrnambool Garrison: Cannons, Militia and Song

Discover a unique part of Warrnambool’s military past at this distinctive heritage site, the former Warrnambool Garrison fortifications. Witness the firing of the 80 pound cannon and learn of the historical stories connecting military history and Australian folk music.

Imagine the life of a Warrnambool Garrison Artillery Soldier as you experience the sound and spectacle of the firing of the historic 80 pound cannon and take the opportunity to dress up in military costume complete with coat, pill box hat and wooden replica rifle. Discover the fascinating stories of the militia and those who defended Warrnambool from enemy attack and how the Warrnambool Garrison is connected to the creation of one of Australia’s greatest folk songs, connecting people and place across Australia and the wider world.

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Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, 89 Merri Street, Warrnambool, Victoria


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Adults $ 19.50, Children $ 9.30, Concession $ 15.50, Family $ 50
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Accessibility is limited in some areas as grounds are uneven and steep which may present challenges for those with mobility issues.